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Brighstone Downs Walk 1

This walk is a great walk along gravel track and is about 4 miles return journey. It is firstly up hill before going around to heavy metal gates (to stop unauthorised vehicles), The track is then virtually level walking through mature beach tree and other hardwood mixed forest, which I find very impressive at the end of this walk is a wooden gate which you can look across to Portsmouth (N.E.) If you continuing on past the wooden gate ( beyond marked track in red) then you will travel down hill to Bowcombe Rd (B3323), with a choice of two routes to the road.

Brighstone Downs Walk 1

Brighstone Walk 1 Looking towards Cheverton

Brighstone Walk 1 view towards Portsmouth

Brighstone Downs Walk 1 view East

Brighstone Downs Walk 1 view looking South

Brighstone Downs Walk 1 view looking West