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Access Statement For Carriers Stable Self Catering Accommodation on the Isle of Wight


Carriers Stable is a converted detached Victorian stables with two floors, the bedroom and bathroom are upstairs. Accommodation is basically for two people but does have a freely supplied wooden cot with safety mattress but no other baby facilities currently.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

The Carriers Stable has it's own drive with room for three cars comfortably. The drive consists of large gravel stones, and rises slightly from the entrance For Bikes there is a secure bike rack out of site of the road and there is a stainless steel chain and padlock, there is also a strong waterproof cover that can cope with at least two bikes.

Main Entrance & Reception

Access to the drive is off a turning circle which is on the main drive from Moortown Lane. From the turning circle to Moortown Lane is a gradual rise. Moortown Lane has low traffic movements as the village is in a rural area not on any main routes to towns.

Main Entrance/Hall/stairs

There is a paved patio area between the drive and front door 3.9 metres. There is an automatic light outside the front door. There is one paved step at the front door 12cm high depth 30cm with the door opening a further 5cm above the step including draft strip. The light switch to hall/stairs is to the right as you step through the door and is at 116cm. Maximum door width 70cm.

The stairs is immediately to the right of the front door opening and the minimal width is greater than the front door opening, there are 10 steps at 20cm height and 25cm depth except for the first step at 23cm high. There are two other light switches that also operate the hall/stairs light, one at the top of stairs and one just inside the main area downstairs. The hall leads to the main area downstairs and there is a wooden door with a latch door opener.

Self-Catering Kitchen with Main Living Area Downstairs

Kitchen open plan with Dining room, door from hall 63 .5cm wide, w
orktop height 93cm.

Oven door drops down, height of lowest shelf 44cm, top shelf 66cm grill level in oven 58cm can me accessed from both sides and front. Door of oven extends 44cm and stops level.

Stainless steel sink is 88cm high with cupboards underneath and draining board

Hob is 90cm high with four solid electric hob plates

Flooring is varnished tongue and grooved pine.

At least 1 metre free space between all furniture and worktops

Evenly lit kitchen with spotlights above.

Fire alarm/detector in centre of ceiling (mains interconnected with other two alarms detectors with battery backup.

Table in extension 73cm high seats (4) 44cm high seat.

Fridge/freezer first shelf (3) 98cm top shelf 1.3 metres, door handle height 80cm. Freezer first draw (3) 17cm top 44cm, handle to freezer door at 76cm height.

Kitchen and other cupboards in dining area handles (knob pull) between 35 37 cm high, draw height handles 80cm dining area 70cm high.

Top kitchen cupboards (3) 1.7 metres, kitchen cupboard over hob fan 1.9 metres.

Kettle is plugged into socket at back of kitchen work surface and connects to it's electric connection by placing the unit onto a base with a central raised connector.

Washer/Drier is in cupboard under stairs and can be accessed by opening one or both doors, maximum width of door opening 1.3 metres (second door requires releasing standard draw bolts top and bottom of door 5cm and 88cm high), reducing down to a gap of 65cm between mobile clothes rack (on wheels).

Vacuum cleaner in cupboard under stairs along with cleaning equipment, iron and ironing board, first aid kit, sowing kit, safe, airer, biking equipment, walking equipment, yellow pages, local BT directory and many other household items on open shelves of clothes stand.

Light switches are at a maximum of 1.2 metres high, there is a total of 15 lights downstairs.

Kitchen fan controls 1.64 metres.

Good contrast between floor, cupboards and other surfaces

Power switch to control downstairs Television/video/DVD/satellite at 87cm high. Remote controls for all four.

Microwave cooker 20cm back from front of work surface and maximum control height at 1.06 from floor ( 22cm from work surface).

Toaster and other kitchen equipment etc. are in the kitchen cupboards described.

Two Electric 2KW oil filled temperature controlled radiators each radiator approximately 50cm high remote control can switch off all fires or by floor.

Powder fire extinguisher fitted to end of kitchen units near to exit to hall along with a fire blanket. Torch on shelf to left of cupboard under stairs.

French Doors are situated in the extension and has a 5 lever lock and two mortice bolts top and bottom of each door, keys are on the wall opposite French doors. Doors open up to 1.04 metres wide, there is a 17cm wide plinth inside and is 6cm up from the main internal floor. Outside the French doors there is two steps from the concrete slab patio, both are approximately 10cm high and the first is 36cm depth and the second 38cm depth, width 2.3 metres.


Upstairs the bed is 5 foot wide by 2 metres long and the top of mattress height is 54cm high with 4 pillows to adjust head height.

There are clock radios and table lamps (operated by pull switch 36 cm above mattress height above head position) on each bedside cabinet (54cm high)

There is a 2KW temperature controlled oil filled heater on each side of the room near bed, remote control can switch off all fires or by floor.

There is also a chair each side of bed in corner.

Television and satellite receiver are to one side of bed at a height of 80cm to base of television , both have remote controls. Torch provided by television on same shelf.

&Main light over bed can be switched off by bed via wall switch at height of 1.13 metres.

&There are two conservation grade velux roof windows to one side, a obscure glazed window above bed in wall (curtains pulled via pull cord 1.03 &1.3 metres to toggles) and another larger window at near top of stairs also with obscure glass (pull blind). All windows double glazed.

Fire alarm detectors/alarms above bed, above sofa bed downstairs and at top of stairs ceilings, all interconnected mains alarms with battery backup and tested before each rental period.

Near dressing table and chair is a pedestal fan and hair drier main switch for both are at 95cm and further 3speed switch on oscillating fan.

Hair drier is hooked to right side of dressing table at 60cm high., table is 72cm high and chair at 45cm.

Selection of reading books various and Isle of wight guide books (walking, cycling, maps etc. on pew at 38cm high near top of stairs.

Wardrobe is 79 cm high and 1.03 metres wide with ample hangers a 70cm high and a separate shelf for shoes and a large draw at bottom., it also has a 1.08 metre mirror on one side that allows you to see 6 foot person completely.

There is also a six draw cabinet for clothes (1.02 metres high) in addition to the two bedside cabinets that have three draws each.

There is a 80cm high towel rail for spare towels near to dressing table.

Light switch to stairs and hall on left looking towards stairs down with banister rail to right (between 84 102 cm from step beginning and end respectively.

CO2 fire extinguisher to right at top of stairs at floor level supported by hook.

Shower base is a 80cm unit 16cm height at door opening, with a door that pivots out to left with a maximum door opening of 57.5cm. • Safety rail is 43cm available to hold starting at 79cm high. Shower heater control at 64cm from shower base, 75cm from floor outside shower cubicle.

Toilet at 43 cm high to seat and 77cm to handle, toilet roll holder 73cm and 16cm from seat, basin at 80cm high to rim.

Fan switch cord 1.36 metres high, shaving socket 1.6 metres high and heater fan switch cord 1.66 metres high.

Light switch to right of shower room entrance 1.03 metres high.

Ground and Gardens

Small garden (grassed) with bench seat in shaded area, another bench seat under kitchen window and a bench picnic table and seats with umbrella on patio area close to front door and French doors.

Additional Information

Information folder is produced in size 16 font

Good mobile phone reception for Orange, T-mobile 3 and O2,

Vodafone reception is poor, Virgin reception unknown.

Evacuation is by nearest exit, Fire instructions are printed and left on coffee table in lounge area near television, and we point where keys and fire equipment is placed when we show people round initially. Please let us know if you are unlikely to hear the fire alarm

The building is no smoking

Pets and service dogs are unfortunately not allowed as some guest have allergies.

Shower room is equipped with standard toilet, handbasin and 80cm safety glass shower unit with hard ceramic shower tray and electric shower water heater. The shower has a vertical safety hand rail on the wall where the adjustable height shower sprinkler is attached and heater.

Contact Information

Contact: Mrs Vanessa Mills
Address: Bowness, Moortown Lane, Brighstone, Isle of Wight, PO30 4AN.
Telephone: 01983 740717
Mobile Telephone: 07861609939

Email: enquiry@wighthols.co.uk
Website: www.wighthols.co.uk
Hours of operation: Phones 08.00-22.30pm all week
There is a list of local Help numbers pinned up inside the cupboard under stairs.

The nearest RADAR toilet is in the village at the back of the car park the entrance to the car park is between the Three Bishops public house and the hairdressers.